Can Tortoise Eat Tomatoes? We give you the facts

Turtles eating tomatoes

Are you a pet owner looking for a new dish to feed your pet? While dogs and cats have their own dietary needs, turtles do too. One of the most popular dishes for turtles is tomatoes. But can turtles eat tomatoes? Some people may assume that tomatoes are not good for tortoises because they’re acidic. … Read more

Tortoise Not Eating Or Pooping – Vet Tells What To Do

Tortoise being fed berries

Tortoises are one of the most popular pets in the world. They’re low-maintenance, don’t require a lot of space, and they can live for up to 100 years! But if your tortoise is not eating or pooping, you might be wondering what’s wrong. Here are some things to do if your tortoise isn’t eating or … Read more

What Is Too Hot for a Corn Snake? Everything You Need To Know

Hot corn snake

Corn snakes are cold-blooded animals, and therefore they need heat to keep their body warm. They need heat regularly, but too much heat can be harmful to the snakes. Corn snakes have en optimum temperature range, and a temperature higher than the maximum range is harmful to your corn snake. They can tolerate up to … Read more

Why Do Tortoises Bob Their Heads? Expert Explains

Tortoise bob head

Turtles are slow, but they have an advantage over many other animals because their shells provide protection. The shell is also a great tool for swimming through the water and as a place to lay eggs or rest on land. But what about when they aren’t in the water? When turtles walk around on dry … Read more

How to Make a Humid Hide for a Tortoise – Full Guide

Tortoise in vivarium

Tortoises are reptiles that need a humid environment to thrive. There are many ways to create a humid environment for your tortoise, but one of the easiest is by using an old fish tank and some moss. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a simple and inexpensive humid hide for your tortoise. … Read more

How Long Can a Corn Snake Go Without Eating? Explained

Corn snake eating a mouse

Do you have a pet corn snake? Snakes are often misunderstood creatures, but they can make great pets. They don’t require as much attention as other animals and they’re easy to care for. But what happens if your snake goes without eating for too long and how long can it go without eating? An adult … Read more

How To Find a Lost Tortoise in The Garden? Quick Guide

Tortoise hiding in the garden

Have you ever lost a tortoise in your garden? I have, and it really gets your adrenaline pumping! It can be nerve racking trying to locate one or more pet tortoises in your backyard! The worst part of it is not knowing where to look. The good news is they can’t go too far, and … Read more

Why Does My Tortoise Keep Flipping Over? 4 Ways To Prevent It

Tortoise flipped over

It’s not uncommon for a tortoise to flip over, but when it happens too often it can be alarming. What could cause your tortoise to keep flipping over? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons. A common cause of a tortoise hobbling or flipping over is because of dietary imbalances. Tortoises … Read more

Can A Tortoise Eat Cucumber? Most Important Facts

Tortoise eating a cucumber

In deciding what diet is best for a tortoise, many owners find themselves conflicted because of the various opinions they find. In order to keep the healthiest habits possible for your reptile companion, it’s important that 80% of their diet consists of fruits and vegetables. Yes, a tortoise can eat cucumber. Cucumbers are a low-calorie, … Read more