Can I Leave My Ragdoll Kitty For 7-8 Hours a Day?

Ragdoll kitty

Ragdoll cats have a congenial personality. They are affectionate and sociable, but they can tolerate being left alone for a few hours. Some Ragdoll cat owners even leave their cat alone for almost a full day.  There are different circumstances for everyone, though, and your cat’s overall health has a bearing on their behavior as … Read more

Are Ragdoll Cats Good With Children? (All You Need To Know)

Ragdoll cat

Yes, ragdoll cats are kids friendly. These loving and cut creatures can offer you much more than their impressive look and love. Ragdolls have become a popular choice for many homes. A ragdoll cat can be your best feline companion. This breed is sociable and affectionate. They will follow you around your house. Ragdolls are … Read more

Why Does My Cat Turn His Back on Me?

Cat looking away

Cats are funny, cute and entertaining. Most of the time…  Cats obviously aren’t human, but we tend to attribute certain cat behaviors as being rude because we’re seeing them from our point of view and how we were socialized and taught to behave.  Cats have a lot of different behaviors that we see as rude, … Read more

Are Bengal Cats Dangerous? (All You Need To Know)

Bengal cat on fence

The wild-appearance of Bengal Cats arises from the affection of cat lovers. They are wonderful creatures with their elegant and beautiful coats, which makes cat owners want to raise them as a company. However, Bengal’s appearances scare a lot of people because they look like Asian leopards. So, people are afraid that Bengal Cats could … Read more