Why Are Dogs So Expensive? Important Factors Explained

New dog

Dogs are so expensive right now mainly because the prices have been pushed up due to Covid-19, causing many people and families to seek a companion while isolated at home. Also, the price can be very high on purebred dogs and lately also designer breeds. After the purchase, dogs are also expensive to keep because … Read more

My Puppy Is Not Eating And Sleeping A Lot – What to do?

Sleeping puppy

Puppies should be playful and active, not sleeping all the time. Not eating can be a sign of a health problem. There could be many reasons why a puppy is not eating and sleeping a lot. A few possibilities include that the puppy could be feeling ill, not getting enough exercise, or not being properly … Read more

How To Walk Dog On Leash – Our 9 Top Tips For Success

Walking dog on a leash

Walking your dog is a great way to get some exercise and spend quality time with your pet, but it can also be frustrating. There are so many things that can go wrong when you’re walking your dog on leash. Your pup might pull too hard, or try to chase after other animals or people. … Read more

My Puppy Bites So Hard I Bleed – What should I do?

Pomeranian puppy biting hand

It’s completely normal for puppies to play rough and use their mouths in a way that can hurt you. Normal play may involve your little one biting and mouthing you, but this will help him learn how hard is too hard. Squeeze your fingers gently on his gums to let the puppy know he needs … Read more