Do Dogs Have Their Own Language? (How Dogs Communicate)

Two dogs

Dogs are very special and social creatures. They are the most loved pets in the world known for their friendliness and loyalty towards their owner. Obviously, dogs can’t communicate in human language but they do have their own ways of communication. Dogs communicate through their body language and behaviour. In this article, we’ll discuss how … Read more

What Do Dogs Think When We Pet Them

Woman petting puppy

Are you planning to have a pet dog? Do you want to know how your non-human companion will react when you welcome the dog to your house? Many people prefer to have dogs. However, they cannot decide to have one without being aware of the dog’s way of thinking. In this article, we will help … Read more

How Much Exercise Does A Poodle Need?

Running poodle

Poodles come in three sizes; there is the Toy, Miniature, and Standard size. Although they differ in size, their affectionate and loving nature does not vary.  Just like any other dog breeds, Poodles also require exercise, and the length will depend on what size of Poodle you have.  They require more than just the daily … Read more