Why Does My Betta Fish Flare His Gills? 9 Top Reasons

Siamese betta fish

Your betta will puff out its gills when they feel like it. It can mean different things, like one where they want to intimidate another fish, or they want to be seen by other fishes. Some bettas show aggression to other fishes in the tank just because they are unsociable.  Main Reasons Your Bettas Flare … Read more

What Are Good Tankmates For a Red Zebra Cichlid?

Red zebra cichlid

Red Zebra Cichlids are beautiful with a good orange color and have a good attitude. They originated from Lake Malawi in East Africa. They are calm, and you can pick them up with your hand if you are courageous enough. They are among the most famous aquarium fish, which is something unknown by most fish … Read more

Why Is My Angelfish Not Growing? (5 Main Reasons)

Angelfish in oceana

Fish petting is a challenging thing to do due to the daily routine it requires. People who are taming angelfishes in an aquarium can relate to that. Like every other fish, Angel Fish requires the right conditions to grow quicker. Angelfish reaches dime-size by around 8 to 10 nickel through 12 to 16 weeks. In … Read more

How To Save My Guppies From Being Murdered By Angelfish?

Angelfish swimming

Not every fish you place on your fish tank will live peacefully with each other. You have to do your research before you go buying all the types of fish you like.  You should consider the compatibility and harmony of the fish you will mix in your aquarium. Some fish will feed on another fish … Read more