Is My Guinea Pig Dead or in Shock? How To Tell For Sure

Quiet Guinea Pig

In the case of guinea pigs, mostly it happens that you wake up in the morning and find your piggie lying motionless. Guinea pigs and other rodents don’t express the symptoms of the disease. Guinea Pigs usually suffer from disease without showing any signs and symptoms. Therefore, it becomes difficult to know about your guinea … Read more

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Guinea Pig

Two Cute Guinea Pigs

It is an exciting topic to write about because I have also had times to convince my parent, and I know the exact feeling of a child persuading his parents to get something. You should not be emotional or excited to convince your parents because it will not work in most cases. When they see … Read more

Guinea Pig Cage Coroplast Alternative – 4 Step Guide

Guinea pig close up in cage

I am a pet animal lover, and I have two beautiful little guinea pigs. I always try to increase the aesthetics of guinea pig cages, making them more exciting and comfortable for my guinea pigs. I have tried many different alternatives for coroplast to make guinea pig cages. These alternatives include tarps, mattress liner, curtains, … Read more

Why Does My Guinea Pig Pee On Me? – Vet Explains

Guinea pigs

Guinea pig is also referred to as domestic guinea pig or cavy. In scientific context and laboratories, it is known as a guinea pig, while breeders refer to a guinea pig as cavy to describe the animal. Besides so many names, they are known as guinea pigs among the common population. There is a strange … Read more